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Heidi Spring 

As a self-confessed color addict (and there is no cure) Heidi creates paintings that are an exploration of shape, texture, layers, and (of course) color. She takes ephemera that come into her life and imbeds them into the work. Layers of color play peak-a-boo with these collaged scraps of the inconsequential. Her paintings are a conversation between the personal and the abstract.


Heidi Spring is a Southern California artist. She has a BFA from Illinois Wesleyan University and a MFA from the University of Brighton, England and a MA in Art Psychotherapy from Roehampton University in London. She also studied at the Burren College of Art and University College Dublin, both in Ireland. Heidi has exhibited in the UK, Ireland, Costa Rica and the western US. She has created numerous personal commissions for private clients as well as working on large scale three-dimensional art pieces for other artists.


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